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About Us

Indianets is an acclaimed trustworthy, affordable and stable privately owned hosting firm, serving since 2007. At Indianets we are committed to provide best Web Hosting Experience through our Stable Servers, Premium Bandwidth, Intelligent Support and Easy-to-use cPanel interface.

We provide you quality service via our Enterprise Grade up-to-date servers located at different state of the art datacenters in USA. Our servers are equipped with latest technologies and up to date software available in the market, insuring no compatibility issues for your latest sites or apps. Servers are monitored 24x7 which results in a consistent performance with stability.

We use RAID 10 or SSD storage to serve your website at fastest speed with no hassles. All datacenters we use are backed by high capacity UPSs and 24 hours high power generators with on-site fuel storage insuring no downtime due to power outage or any other minor electrical problems.